About Us

Lord is a family-owned company specializing in the development and production of flexible plastic films and packaging, with almost half a century of experience, serving the national and international markets.

Its activities began in the 70s, when its founder, Commander Hermes Elias de Moura, opened a small factory of plastic and garbage bags, using recycled plastic scraps as the raw material.

That’s when he noticed the importance of recycling in a world where ‘sustainability’ had never been mentioned before.

Alongside sustainability comes ‘opportunity’ and the foundation of Lord, one of the five largest Brazilian companies in the plastic packaging segment.

Based on the principles of work, punctuality and honesty, the company now has a complete and modern manufacturing plant, in an area of 65 thousand square meters, and machines with a production capacity of up to 120 thousand tons per year.

The machines have a great extrusion capacity and offer options ranging from mono-extrusion to co-extrusion in 7 layers, reaching up to 12 meters wide, in addition to machines that can print up to 8 simultaneous colors.

Lord believes in the importance of plastic, in how it is essential in various situations of our life, and fundamental to our survival.

Always seeking excellence in the company’s laboratories, our experts ensure the quality of everything that is produced, from the optimization of processes to the development of new products, with concepts and technologies to change your business.

Nearly one thousand employees form a multidisciplinary team aimed at work, research and development, focused on the customer and their needs.

And thanks to this qualified, committed, and constantly evolving team, excellence is reflected in all our products.

Lord is concerned about quality, especially about good environmental practices, and recycles all waste generated by the manufacturing process, as attested by the INMETRO, ANVISA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

And it is through the respect for nature, great friendliness, kindness with customers, and its innovative solutions that this Brazilian family business seeks to strengthen its relationships, making a name for itself, and leaving a legacy of humility, honesty and commitment.

Lord. Plastic Solutions, Unique Experiences.


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São Paulo

Address: Av. Comendador Camilo Júlio • 2600 Jardim Ibiti do Paço • Sorocaba/SP • 18086-000

Phone: (15) 3388.3366