IncubaPack brings a complete PME’s packaging offer to the entrepreneur fair

IncubaPack, a program that facilitates the adoption of flexible packaging for small and medium enterprises that seek to differentiate themselves in the market, was present at the Entrepreneur Fair in São Paulo. Launched by Saberpack and supported by Dow, the initiative brings more business opportunities so that companies that do not have scale can also have access to flexible packaging, highlighting their products at the points of sale.

Using the “one stop shop” concept, the program offers a complete solution for flexible packaging, which includes packaging shaping, perfect printing and product packaging, all in one place.

“We believe that the packaging also does business and during the event we were able to show to the visitors that small and medium sized companies can also have access to flexible packaging, increasing their competitiveness in the market,” says César Saber, Partner of Saberpack.

“Today, the challenge of small and medium-sized brand owners is great when trying to adopt this type of packaging due to the need for scale,” says Marcus Carvalho, Dow’s Packaging Marketing Manager in Brazil.

For more information on the packages available and how to purchase them, visit

Source: In Press Porter Novelli

Sunday, April 09, 2017

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